NY Times Interview with Dr. Goodman
                        By: Gina Kolata

Evaluating Patients with Cognitive Changes: A New Imaging Option
                        By: Anamaria Shanley, MSN, ARNP-BC; Ira J. Goodman, MD; Nima Khosravani, MS; Kurt Cicilioni, BS

Is It Alzheimer Disease Guidelines for Evaluating Patients With Mild Memory Loss.pdf
                        By: Anamaria Shanley, MSN, ARNP-BC

The National Plan to address Alzheimer’s, set forth by the President of the United States, has set a goal to provide accurate diagnostic testing and effective treatments for individuals with symptoms of Alzheimer’s Dementia by 2025. The 2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference reported very promising data from the ongoing Alzheimer’s research trials. Many of these new investigational agents may provide cognitive stability.

The Compass Clinic is a partner of the Bioclinica Research Site Network.  With this partnership, The Compass Clinic offers the opportunity to its patients to be a part of groundbreaking research in the following conditions:

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Essential Tremors
  • Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

To find out which studies are enrolling click here.

Articles and Publications


Case Report: Meningeal Enhancement Seen on Workup for Memory Loss
                        By: Nima Khosravani, MS; Anamaria Shanley, MSN, ARNP-BC; and Ira J. Goodman, MD

Other Research Opportunities

In order to better assist our patients, Neha Majid is conveniently available in our office to discuss current research studies. You can reach her by calling 407-210-1157.